Honoring Your Loved Ones

In light of Memorial Day, we wanted to share a few ideas on how to honor lost loved ones in your wedding with respect while maintaining a light and joyous atmosphere for your wedding celebration. From private observances to public acknowledgements, here are some great ways to create those precious moments:

(Hanging Frames; Table Top; Ornate Dresser)
(Bouquet; Lapel; Vest, Dog Tags)
(Leis; Cigars; Plant A Tree)

However you choose to honor the lives of your loved ones who have passed, your wedding will be a memorable celebration of the new life that you and your fiance are beginning together.


Summer 2012 Hairstyles

Since hair is the richest ornament of a woman, it’s only natural for you want the loveliest tresses on your big day and with summer just around the corner, why not have your wedding day do’ be as fun and fresh as you? Here are a few chic, airy summer styles that are perfect all year round (btw, we are head-over-heels for these braided looks!):

(StyleMePretty; MyLifeisBrilliant.com; Belle the Magazine)

What to Expect When You’re Planning a Wedding – Part 3

As we discussed in our earlier post here, choosing your wedding theme should be done with your venue in mind. As with everything, there are extremes that brides can gravitate toward when dealing with their wedding theme. There are brides that get carried away by all the individual details without considering how all those details work together. Sure you may have fallen in love with that amazing ball gown you saw in a magazine but will it look out-of-place on the beach in the middle of August? Probably (besides, who wants to lug around 15 lbs of dress through the sand in the sweltering August heat?!?!). Without a theme in mind, the bride finds herself overwhelmed by task of defining a look her wedding after she’s made her purchases.

On the other hand, there are brides that are so committed to their wedding theme that they become incredibly indecisive because they have difficulty finding items that match their exact vision. These very particular brides get frustrated by the planning process because their theme has essentially painted them into a corner (no one is going to judge you for choosing Petal Pink over Pink Rose. Trust me, they won’t know the difference). Here are a few things to consider when building the framework for your wedding vision:


  1. Be true to your personal style. Are you and your fiance traditional or modern? Rustic or chic? The best weddings are ones that truly represent the couple.
  2. Consider colors, patterns, and symbols that are meaningful to you. Love that sapphire pendant necklace your grandmother gave you? Why not incorporate the color into your wedding?
  3. Decide how formal you want your wedding to be. Do you want a black-tie gala, a breezy outdoor affair or a casual, family style gathering?
  4. Settling on your wedding style, colors and formality will enable you to start brainstorming where to incorporate your theme in your wedding details.
  5. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Your wedding should be as unique as you and your fiance.

Still in need of a little inspiration? Check out these oh-so-lovely ideas:

(Wedding Chicks; Martha Stewart Weddings; Martha Stewart Weddings)

Real Weddings – Simply Elegant

We were touched to received such a lovely note from our bride Denise about how much she loved her 2Be bridal gown and how beautiful she felt on her wedding day. It gives us the deepest pleasure to see such a happy bride. Denise and her hubby Alfredo were married on a sunny April afternoon at the luxurious Waterfront Hilton Hotel in Huntington Beach. With a touch of sparkle, every detail was divine. We especially loved how her beautiful purple bouquets popped against the elegant platinum bridesmaid dresses. The entire night was captured by Smita Photography and here are a few pictures for you to drool over: