Inspired Style – Upcycle Your Old Bridesmaids Dress

Let’s be honest. We’ve all heard the phrase, “You can wear it again after the wedding” from our well-meaning brides and the reality is…you won’t wear that bridesmaid dress again because it looks like a bridesmaids dress. Well, we decided to help you find new ways to re-purpose your old bridesmaids dresses into objects you’ll use over and over again. Here are a few ideas we found floating around the “interwebs” that are truly creative!

Hair Bow
This is an easy and fun way to turn fabric from a bridesmaids dress into a cute hair bow. You could even make multiples and give the extra ones away as gifts! Access the tutorial here: Fine And Featherd.

Hair Flower
How cute is this! This little gem would be a great addition to any wardrobe. Access the tutorial here: Midwestern Girl DIY.

Circle Scarf
Be the ultimate fashionista with this scarf that you can easily use an old dress to make. Access the tutorial here: Cotton & Curls.

Bow Clutch
This would be a lovely clutch for special occasions or an evening out, especially if you made it out of a silk or satin gown fabric. Access the tutorial here: Elm Street Life.

Pleated Clutch
For a more casual style clutch, this is a wonderful tutorial. Definitely for someone who is comfortable sewing. Access the tutorial here: Lemon Squeezy Home.

Pillow Pouf
This is an amazing way to utilize all your old bridesmaids dresses at once. This would serve well as a floor cushion or a cool pet bed…the possibilities are endless! Access the tutorial here: Design Sponge.

Canvas Leaves
A great way to utilize fabric scraps from your bridesmaids dress after you’ve made a few of these ideas. All you need to do is cut out leaf shapes from your remnant fabric and modge podge them onto a painted canvas and voilà, you have a great piece of wall art!

Whatever you decide to do with your old bridesmaids dresses, we’d love to see your new creation. Post pictures of your upcycled dresses at our Facebook page: Happy Friday!


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