Favors with Flavor

There is nothing more lovely than seeing a couple’s personality woven into every aspect of their wedding. Whether its incorporated into the ceremony, reception décor or the bridal party wardrobe, you can tell that they poured their heart into every detail. We especially love it when a bride and groom put that same attention to detail into their guest favors. Our favorite types of favors are ones that leave a lasting taste in your mouth…literally! Here are a few that we found on Pinterest that are sure to make your mouth water:

(Chocolate-dipped Oreos; Love cookies; S’mores; Cupcake-in-a-Jar;
Tiny Pies; Fruit Spread; Honey; Caramel Apples; Donuts; Macraoons)
(Cotton Candy; Lip Pops; Peanut Butter Cup; Ombre Sugar Hearts;
Victorian Cameo Lollipops; Salted Caramels; Marshmallows)
(Olives; Hot Sauce; Salsa; BBQ Spice Rub; Salt & Pepper Shakers;
Walnuts; Peanut Butter; Pickled Veggies; Kettle Corn)
(Sweet Tea; Mini Wines; Tea Bags; Jones Soda)

Love what you see? Check out these ideas and more on our Pinterest page:


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