Chalk It Up To Love

Reminiscent of a bygone era with the touch of handmade goodness, the art of chalk lettering has made a come back in a  big way. Chalkboard wedding signage and decor can be found on nearly every wedding blog and countless Etsy shops have been created just to fill the demand. And it was all started by this woman: Dana Tanamachi. Her art has inspired brides the world round to incorporate this incredibly ornate decor detail into their weddings. But you don’t have to worry about getting Dana to do your chalk art. We’ve got a few DIY ideas that you can try your hand at…you might be surprised at your own handiwork.

(Find all of these lovely items at
(Wine Bottles; Coasters; Votive Holders; Gift Tags; Place Holders)
(Guest Book Board; Seating ChartPhoto Booth Backdrop)

If this all seems to overwhelming to take on yourself, you can leave the hard work to professionals like They have amazing custom and pre-designed chalk board art for your wedding or special event. Here are a few of our favorites that you can purchase on their Etsy shop:


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