Color Me Coral

As much as we are looking forward to curling up by the fire and sipping our Pumpkin Spice Lattes, there is nothing more sweet than the light and lively colors of summer. One of our favorites this year has been the ever bright and cheery color of coral. What we love most about this hue is how sophisticated it is. In an effort to extend our summer bliss, we’ve put together a few coral palettes that are sure to make the transition to fall a smooth one:

(Martina Liana; Coral Eyes; Ring; Peeptoe Pumps; Earrings; Bridesmaid Dress; Bouquet)
(Dove Tablescape; Cake; Balloons; Invitations)
(Colorful Tablescape; Mirrored Bud Vase; Rose Ring; Bridal Party)
(Groomsmen; Fringe Chair; Seating Chart; Yarn Bottles)

Find more coral color inspiration on our Pinterest board.


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