Mini Munchies

(An American Sampler)

Face it, there is something ridiculously adorable about miniature food. Maybe it’s the concentrated flavors, or the delicate plating or maybe it’s because you’ve always wanted to feel like a giant. Whatever the reason, offering mini munchies as wedding appetizers is a great way to offer your guests variety without the mess or hassle. Feast your eyes on these small appetizers with big flavor (and don’t forget to check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration).

1. Hot Dogs 2. Potato Skins 3. Matso Cheese Pizza 4. Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup 5. Mash-tinis 6. Supreme Nachos

1. Wrapped Mango 2. Eggplant Tomato 3. Pesto Tortellini 4. Pear & Cheese 5. Veggie Cups 6. Shrimp Bites 7. Bacon Wontons 8. Beet & Goat Cheese

1. Doughnuts & Coffee 2. Chocolate Strawberry 3. Fruit Cones 4. Pancake Stack 5. Milk & Cookies 6. S’mores 7. Cinnamon Rolls


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