Award Winning Attire

Whether or not your favorite television show won anything at this Sunday’s 64th Annual Emmy Awards, there were definitely some winners in the fashion department! This year’s red carpet saw no shortage of  bold, bright and unexpected styles from our favorite TV starlets. We were especially happy to see a few designs that were stunning enough to make the jump to bridal wear.

We absolutely fell in love with these “bridal-esque” gowns. Just imagine walking down the aisle in one of these gowns, sporting a luscious bouquet and an airy veil. Magnifique!

There were so many head-turning styles gracing the red carpet. Surprisingly, yellow seemed to be the color of champions this year (Julie Bowen, Claire Danes & Julianne Moore all wore bright yellow hues and walked away  winners). Here are just a few of our favorites. And the nominees are…

And the winner for best dressed goes to…
It’s easy to see why these ladies are red carpet winners. Each gown looks tailor-made for each leading lady. Not to mention that each of these designs have incredibly figure-flattering silhouettes, which are timeless. So congratulations to all of our winner. Take a bow ladies; you deserve it!

Photos from E! Online


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